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Youth, Depression, and Suicide (recording)


The World Health Organization has reported that globally, depression is the number 1 cause of illness and disability in the 10 -19 year old age group, and suicide ranks 3rd among causes of death. Mental illness is increasingly threatening the lives of our children.  This webinar will discuss the issues of depression and suicide particular to youth and how we as a church can be equipped to be effectively helpful and supportive. 

Visit Disability Concerns for additional mental health and youth resources at network.crcna.org/disability-concerns


June Zwier M.Div, works for Shalem Mental Health Network and Winnie Visser M.Div, is in private practice and works as a Congregational Care Coordinator. Both are marriage and family therapists. June worked in the mental health and social services field for 25 years and Winnie was a nurse on a psychiatric ward for 16 years. They have a passion to help churches become informed and supportive communities around people with mental illnesses. Both are resource consultants for Faith and Hope Ministries started by Classis Quinte in ON and are part of the Mental Health Task Force of Disabilities Concerns.  


Click here to visit the webinar, Youth, Depression and Suicide, and to view the additional handouts.

Support Groups with Janice Kroft Janice has provided mental health support individually and in group settings for
over 30 years. This session focuses on facilitating and nurturing a community of understanding and mutual support.
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