Keynote Speaker
Dr Grant Mullen   
Dr. Grant Mullen is a mental health physician who lectures internationally
on the keys to emotional recovery and healthy relationships. He has a
special interest in depression, mood swings, anxiety disorders and how
these conditions affect Christians. Dr. Mullen teaches how medical
treatment can be successfully combined with emotional and spiritual
healing to break the chains of emotional bondage which leads to
people being transformed. He is the author of 4 books and 16 DVDs.

AM session:
Moods: A Christian Approach to Depression, Anxiety and Mood swings.
Many peo
ple, including Christians, are often very confused and
misinformed about the nature and treatment of mental illnesses.
Often, Christians are also very suspicious of psychiatric treatments, so many are suffering
needlessly from correctable conditions. Dr. Mullen will remove the mystery and confusion
about the diagnosis and treatment of mood disorders.

PM session:
Fear, When Trust is Lost
Worry, fear and anxiety are the most common emotional and mental health problems that
torment our minds. With this session you will be able to recognize and address the three
sources of your fear and begin the walk to freedom.