2012 Conference: Spreading the Word, Making the Difference

 We are really excited about the 2012 Faith and Hope Conference: Spreading the Word, Making the Difference on November 9 & 10, 2012.  This will be our third conference intended as an opportunity, to share and learn and network with those helping people deal with Mental Health issues in their family, church and community.  

Many people are working hard to provide a conference that will meet the needs of as many people as possible.

Our Keynote Speaker this year is Dr. Michael Paré M.D. M.Ed., M.Sc.,B.Sc., cIPT., cGT. 

Dr. Paréis a physician whose clinical work consists of both individual and group General Practice Psychotherapy.  He has a particular interest in the area of mental health of professional workers and students. In addition, Dr. Paré has been involved in anti-stigma and anti-discrimination initiatives in regards to mental illness, partly as a result of his previously suffering from and later recovering from major depressive disorder. http://faithandhopeministries.net/photos/custom/f&h%20keynote%20speaker%20pcture%202012%20pare.png

 Dr. Paré will be speaking on Boundaries, depression, and stigma in mental health.   

 New this year is the Friday evening workshop intended for Pastors, Caregivers and Health care Professionals.  Dr. Paré will be discussing Boundaries and Self Care and it hopes to be a supportive, interactive opportunity to share and learn together in a supportive environment.  We hope this format will be a helpful addition to our conference and provide an additional level of support for front line workers.

We are so pleased with our line-up of workshop speakers :

 Scott Armstrong M.Div., Hon.BA,   Executive Director of Life Care Centre of Courtice, speaking on strategies for crisis intervention;

Sharon Vanderherberg, a mother sharing her journey with a child with bipolar disorder;

 Stan Baker BA, BEd, MEd, applying restorative practice to parenting teens;

Sharon Osvald BA, will be focusing on the caregiver, especially related to caring for seniors.  She has a lot to share from her own experience with caring for her mother who experiences the effects of dementia;  


Lynn Hamiltion BScN, Bipolar Survivor and Ben Platz, Doctoral Candidate, Director of Nightlight Adult Drop In Centre, Kingston, will be presenting a special workshop on how to help in the church as well as out in our communities with our Reaching IN Reaching OUT workshop.  Lynn will share how some resources of Faith and Hope Ministries, particularly the Faith and Hope Ministry study "Let’s Talk” has impacted a group of people from her local church to now grow into a support group.  Learn how this among other resources can be facilitated in your local church/community.  Ben will discuss the dynamic outreach called "Nightlight” as an outreach ministry to those experiencing mental illness in the in the Kingston area.  The group will be engaged in considering how mental health, addiction, loneliness, rejection, poverty, homelessness etc can be supported in their local community;

The Family Panel Workshop is back by popular demand, where you will hear stories of joy and frustration from family members who have walked along side their loved ones who live with a mental illness. Be encouraged that you are not alone in this journey. 

 We hope that you will register and join us on November 9 & 10, 2012 for Spreading the Word, Making the Difference, Faith and Hope in Mental Health Conference as we strive to make a difference in the lives of those dealing with mental illness in our families, churches and communities.  Please spread the word about the conference and help make a difference!  

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