May 2015

Unanswered Questions

Welcome back to FHM!

Thank you for joining us on this journey of helping faith communities effectively care for their congregation members who experience mental illness as well as the families and caregivers that walk alongside them.
June and I have just finished our second webinar, Youth, Depressions & Suicide.  It is such an important topic and cannot be covered yet in just 50 minutes.  We hope you learn a lot from the webinar and shoot us your questions to answer here in future posts.  
Interestingly enough, I think that we ourselves learned a lot in making both webinars.  In our second webinar, we learned to be more concise, talked less about our own credentials and more about mental health issues, and left more time for questions, etc.  
Unfortunately, some mental health questions do not have answers.  And isn't that the case in many aspects of life?
We certainly learn from those that go before us, and learn from our mistakes.  We also learn that in spite of the circumstances in our lives, God continues to show His involvement and His care.  Although your adolescent family member or friend seems to be "going off the rails" know deep within your heart that the nearness of God the Father, His Son, and His Spirit reign in you to walk through these difficult times.
Please contact June or I with your questions on how to help those in your congregations. Contact Us
Until next time,


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