Breakout Sessions
Breakout Speakers List
1. Preventing Burnout                     
2. Support Groups
3. Addictions
4. Early Psychosis Intervention
5. Men and Depression
6. Spiritual Support of the Mentally Ill
7. Panel of Family Members

1. Preventing Burnout
Don Perkins, Director of Shepherd’s Care, leads a care giving ministry to Pastors and Christian workers as an extension of Heritage College and Seminary in Cambridge Ontario, as well as being the Director of Pastoral Care at West Highland Baptist Church in Hamilton Ontario.  Don provides a Biblical approach to this workshop on Preventing Burnout. He will discuss how to keep a close watch on how you live "Running on Empty” staying true to what is right, "Spiritual Overachievers;” and "Care for the Caregivers.” 

2. Support Groups
Janice Kroft, Social Worker.
Janice has provided mental health support individually and in group settings for
over 30 years. This session will focus on facilitating and nurturing a community of understanding and mutual support.  

3. Addictions

Charles Tapp
Charles is a counselor, currently in private practice, and has worked extensively in
addictions, including treatment, assessment, and program supervision. Charles is also
an educator on addictions at Loyalist College, Belleville, ON.
This session will give an overview of addictions which include myths, continuum of use
and dependence and awareness of different types of addictions. Special attention will
be given to being an effective helper in the process of addiction and a discussion on
appropriate types of interventions.

4. Early Psychosis Intervention
Marc Baribeau RN,BA, Gord Langill MSW,RSW
Psychosis in the early stages can be difficult to recognize, but our workshop will provide
some Early Identification Skills and names of related resources to anyone who attends.
Participants will then be able to share this information with others who might be able to
recognize a young person who could be getting ill with psychosis and where to refer them.

5. Men and Depression
Imtiaz Ahmed
Imtiaz has a back ground in human behavior and is currently working to complete his
degree in sociology/psychology
In this session we will hear about Imtiaz’s story of depression, and his journey to
recovery and healing. We will get a glimpse into the response of his coworkers and
employer, and his own paradigm change. Imtiaz will also highlight the importance
of recognizing signs of male depression and how to seek help in dealing with it.

6. Spiritual Support of the Mentally Ill
Marjorie Swarthout
Marjorie offers individual spiritual and grief counselling to clients with issues of grief and
loss, guilt, meaning and purpose in their life or people with mental illnesses who have
specific religious/spiritual concerns. Marjorie also co-facilitates a weekly spiritual
support group which examines how spirituality can help clients cope more effectively
with serious mental illness.
This session will examine the spiritual issues that are particular to people living with serious
mental illnesses. It will also look at the impact of addressing spiritual needs on client
well-being and the various barriers and means to providing spiritual support.

7. Panel of Family Members
In this panel session you will hear stories of joy and frustration from family members who
have walked along side their loved ones who live with a mental illness. Be encouraged
that you are not alone in this journey.